About the poet

Tom Vaughan is not the real name of a former British diplomat who has served in the Middle East, Africa, and the US, and whose career has also included experience of conflict zones such as Afghanistan and the Balkans. He continues to work on international affairs.

Tom worked as a journalist before graduating from Exeter University and completing post-graduate studies at Oxford. His novel, No Second Prize, based on his experience in post-colonial Zimbabwe, was published by Andre Deutsch in 1993.

Tom’s poems have been published in several magazines and anthologies. One of his poems, ‘Proposal’, first published in Orbis, was included in the BBC series/anthology ‘Essential Poems (to Fall in Love with)’. Tom is a member of the Original Poets of Clapham Stanza Poetry Group, and four of his poems were included in their 2018 anthology Uncommon.

In the words of Helena Nelson of the HappenStance press which published a short selection of Tom’s poetry in 2010: 'elegant formalism and contemporary style can still go hand in hand, a fact to which the poems in this Sampler bear witness.'