Why do magpies come in twos?

Unless they’re trying to give us clues

by such a sentimental ploy:

one for sorrow, two for joy.


Swans apparently also

link up for life, like penguins (though

if one should die the other seeks

a new love after several weeks)


and wolves and albatrosses are

among the animals which star

in matrimonial affairs

as Nature’s quintessential pairs


but others are more cavalier:

they mate, then simply disappear,

and having this example shown

they seem quite happy on their own


while certain experts now divulge

there are some creatures which indulge 

in same-sex habits, and conclude

it’s rare for beasts to prove a prude.


So if you look for lessons in

non-human lifestyles, and begin

by citing species you applaud –

beware, your case just might be flawed.

Published in LUP June 2020