Poem aka Ballad

David aka Jezebel

met Tarzan aka Jane,

loved aka lusted and proposed

marriage aka pain.


She weighed things up and answered yes

aka give it a try,

the vicar aka social worker

said here’s the contract – ‘bye . . .


Hitler aka Joan of Arc

was staying at their hotel.

insisting on an evening walk

the war had turned out well


then asking is there someone who’ll

make up a fourth at bridge?

Poirot aka Prufrock bowed –

you’re talking my language.


E.T. aka Magdalene

was serving in the bar

waiting for the day she’d be

a famous movie star –


David played a winning hand

till Hitler shot him dead.

Poirot checked the cards, then blamed

the Magdalene instead.


They locked her up for twenty years –

she never smiled again,

her only friend the prison dog

Abel aka Cain.



Published in Snakeskin 254, October 2018